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What our customers think of HALSER...


Placed my first order and got it quite quickly, looking forward to attempting more natural remedies for some of my unsatisfactory health being. Tastes great while at it too!

C Chia, Businessman, client since 2016

Easy to order and prompt delivery. Mild taste with a beautiful and fruity smell that is very easy and relaxing to drink. Helps to sooth and unwind. Individual teabags are extremely convenient to make for one.

Ambrose C, Retiree, client since 2016

A very calming and relaxing tea with a natural fruity taste. Would recommend this product to people from all ages.

Sarah C, Student, client since 2016

One of the most relaxing and soothing teas I have tried. Great to have a cup at night after a long day. Will be recommending to friends and continue to purchase more.
Joshua C, Undergraduate, client since 2016

I received this as a gift. After trying it, I love it and it is one of the best gifts I have received. Will definitely recommend and buy this as a gift for others in the future.

Adeline W, Teacher, client since 2016

Though I can enter sleep easily, but usually it's a shallow sleep. If I wake up and started to think of something, then I cannot get back to sleep.

After drinking the Soothing tea, I can really enjoy a sound sleep. A sleep where I feel truly rested, and wake up to a happy mood and positive mind and energetic body. Thanks to HALSER for such a wonderful tea!

Truly recommended for those with insomnia. Try and you will know this is the right decision. I cannot remember when is the last time that I have experienced such a sweet sleep as now. Good things are meant to be shared especially when it might change someone's life.

Kin, Retiree, client since 2015
I have been looking for natural tea for a long time.... especially something to help my wife in her constipation. Thank God it has finally arrived!!

Winston W, Investor, client since 2015

HALSER Soothing tea is my go to whenever I look to unwind after a hectic working day. Just as it's name, it helps soothes me for a good nights' sleep for more productive times to come!

WN Lee, Engineer, client since 2014

I have been taking HALSER Purifying tea casually for more than two years. The tea is pleasantly mild in taste yet helps greatly to overcome my long-time constipation issue. I used to never drink tea until I came across this product because it is just too good to miss out on! 
Wendy SK, School Administrative, client since 2013
HALSER Purifying tea helps in my acne problem the way no other skin care could!
Rene SH, Researcher, client since 2013
Relieved my constipation problems after taking the Purifying Tea. Excellent Quality!

Bryann Z, Consultant, client since 2010

Tasted HALSER Soothing...unparalleled soothing with soft , nuanced aroma...simply Excellent
Jack T, Lecturer, client since 2008