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Power Junior Super Food (5 days a week)

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Hand-picked quality ingredients, Organic & natural goodness!

PJ week-long nutritional booster menu helps you and your little ones keep up with the essentials of a nutritional checklist while on the go. Compact and lightweight, PJ will be the perfect choice to ensure a healthy lifestyle at check, anytime and anywhere, in utmost convenience.


Dietary Recommendations:

Power Junior 5-days-a-week menu is highly recommended to be eaten right out of the pack as breakfast supplements or tea break snacks.

Power Junior can also be added on to daily meals to further enrich the taste and boost nutrients for your little ones.


  • Add to porridge or beancurd pudding
  • Add to smoothies, yoghurt or ice cream
  • Add to salads, wraps or sandwiches




1. Immune system booster

2. Enhanced sleeping wellness

3. Improved learning and memory capabilities

4. Progressive brain development

5. Eye health protection

6. Balance enzyme and hormone

7. Energy and metabolism booster

8. Healthy digestion system

9. Bones and muscles development

10. Hair and complexion enhancement


Nutrients Packed:

1. Antioxidant

2. Multivitamins

3. Omega-3

4. Lutein

5. Calcium

6. Zinc

7. Riboflavin


Our daily menu is completed with white sesame topping, which contains stress-relieving minerals and calming vitamins for enhanced emotional development, better sleeping patterns as well as preventing respiratory disorders such as airway spasm and asthma. PJ menu is further enhanced with daily dosage of Chia seeds, an excellent protein source, high in fiber and Omega-3s, nutrients important for the development of body and brain as well as improving metabolic health.

Marvelous Monday: Raisins, Mulberries, White Sesame and Chia Seeds

Marvelous Monday consists of raisins which is the perfect energy booster to kick start a week. Raisins are also rich in catechins, which helps to oxidize fat, as well as improve cognitive function, which helps learning and memory capabilities. The health benefits of mulberries include their ability to improve digestive health, aids in weight management, increase blood circulation, build bone tissue, boost the immune system, protect eye health, and improve the overall metabolism of the body.

Marvelous Monday takes care of the cognitive function for better development of learning & memory capabilities , healthy digestion system as well as improved blood circulation of your little ones.


Terrific Tuesday: Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds, White Sesame and Chia Seeds

Cranberry is the #1 antioxidant powerhouse that outranks nearly every fruit and vegetable in disease fighting, offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits. They are paired with sunflower seeds which play a vital role in bone mineralization, red blood cell production, enzyme secretion, hormone production, as well as in the regulation of cardiac and skeletal muscle activities. Sunflower seeds also help to reduce the severity of asthma.

Terrific Tuesday caters for the boosting of immune system , bone development as well as enzyme and hormone balance of young ones, while keeping asthma at bay.


Witty Wednesday: Blackcurrants, Pumpkin Seeds, White Sesame and Chia Seeds

Witty Wednesday boasts Blackcurrants rich with vitamin C, antioxidant, vitamin B and iron to fight infections, boost metabolism and combat fatigue with improved oxygen transportation to cells. Also useful for healing wounds and treating insect bites, they are paired with nutritional powerhouse pumpkin seeds that boost health and immune system with antioxidants and zinc. It also contains magnesium crucially needed for bone formation and tryptophan which aids in combatting sleep disorders. Pumpkin seeds also promotes healthy complexion and hair with increased energy.

Witty Wednesday is essential to ward off infections, acts as energy booster while promoting healthy complexion and hair .

Triumphant Thursday: Golden Raisins, Black Beans, White Sesame and Chia Seeds

Triumphant Thursday brings you the Golden raisins which highly benefits those with allergies via its antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties and helps prevent heart disease. Coupled with Black beans rich in iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc, these crucial elements ensure a solid building and maintaining of bone structure and strength. Because of their fiber content, black beans help to prevent constipation and promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract.

Triumphant Thursday helps to combat allergies , assures for solid structure and strength of bone , healthy digestive tract .


Fabulous Friday: Goji Berries, Almonds, White Sesame and Chia Seeds

Fabulous Friday wraps up PJ weekly nutrition booster with Goji berries, popular for immune system boosting, brain activity enhancement, prevention against heart disease while also improving life expectancy. Goji berries also help in general well-being and calmness, improves sleep quality as well as protecting the eyes. Almonds are rich in manganese, copper and Riboflavin which help in energy boosting and metabolic rate as well as the development and health of the human brain. Almond also rich with alkali materials known to benefit the strength of the immune system.

Fabulous Friday promotes better eye health , improves calmness and sleeping quality , enhances immune system as well as progressive brain development .


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