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PROTECT | Vitamins & Antioxidants Boost (18 sachets)



PROTECT Vitamins & Antioxidants Boost


Enhancing Natural Tea Improved Formula with Rose & Lemongrass

Boost your system with this brew particularly high in vitamin C that ensures an unparalleled boost in the immune system that wards off coughs and colds as well as keeping complexion and hair in the pink of health. Aids to prevent heart disease, improve bone strength and combats stomach problems.

This infusion packed with vitamin & anti-oxidant is cultivated especially for flushing away toxins and heat, regulating energy and hormone to optimum state, improving metabolism rate, enhancing memory, regulates healthy blood pressure and glucose level as well as rejuvenating all body elements to the ideal state. Effective to ward off cramps, eczema, gastritis, congested lymph nodes and sore throat.


Immune system booster & Detoxifies the body system

 Prevents colds, coughs & sore throats

 Enhances skin & hair health

 Flushes away toxins & heat

 Regulates hormone for emotional and energy to optimum state

 Enhancing memory

 Regulates healthy blood pressure & glucose level

 Improves metabolism for optimized fat burning

 Prevents heart disease


Highly recommended for those with:

 Weak immune system, prone to colds & coughs

 High blood pressure, cholesterol & fat percentage

 Hormone imbalance

 Skin & hair problems

 Cardiac diseases

 Performances / examinations season

 Sleeping disorders


More than 25 types of unique herbs!

1. Rose Petal

2. Lemongrass

3. Fennel

4. Pu Erh tea

5. American Ginseng

6. Milkvetch root

7. Dendrobium nobile

8. Tibetan Chrysanthemum

9. Panax Pseudoginseng

10. Cordyseps

…and others.

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