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Caffeine-Free German Produce series

Posted by HALSER Luxury on July 30, 2016 at 11:05 AM

Caffeine-Free German Produce series


The natural aroma of wholesomeness

The unforgettable aroma of wholesomeness


HALSER German Produce (GP) series is our exclusive formulae of fruit and floral infusions engineered to benefit all ages. As is with our customary stringent selection of ingredients from the utmost natural and environmentally friendly credible sources, this series utilizes only the purest of caffeine-free German produce which are naturally dried for the best preservation of taste as well as health benefits and nutritional values.

GP series compliments everyday diet as an aromatic brew that supplements nourishment vital for the body system for general well-being. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, these infusions are essential to boost the immune system to ward off colds, cough and fever, promote natural detoxification for purging of toxic and wastes, as well as effectively stimulate the production of collagen for a smooth and supple complexion that defies age and time.


It is simply the tangy drink of choice towards a healthy lifestyle!


1. CHILL OUT | Immune system booster (read more here)

Blackforest Soothing Natural Tea

Blackcurrant, Roselle, Grapes, Blackberry, Lavender etc.

2. LEAN UP | Detox (read more here)

Peach Purifying Natural Tea

Peach, Rosselle, Apple slices, Elderberry, Rose etc.


3. SO YOUNG | Anti-aging (read more here)

Peach Enhancing Natural Tea

Peach, Rosselle, Apple slices, Blackberry, Marigold etc.

4. FOREVER FIT | Cardiac Health (read more here)

Strawberry Purifying Natural Tea

Strawberry, Rosselle, Apple slices, Rose hip, Rose etc.


5. ZEN OUT | Skin Repair (read more here)

Blueberry Soothing Natural Tea

Blueberry, Grapes, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Lavender etc.

6. ENHANCE | Immune, Energy & Performance Boost (read more here)

Rooibos Enhancing Natural Tea

Peach, Apple slices, Elderberry, Rooibos, Rose etc.

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