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HALSER Premium Fine Tea

Posted by HALSER Luxury on March 14, 2016 at 10:30 PM


HALSER Premium Fine Tea

Utilizing only the finest ingredients from nature, HALSER Premium Fine Tea is the result of unwavering research and development efforts towards discovering the most natural cures for everyday ailments. A unique East meets West infusion, only 100% pure and natural ingredients are used as an initiative to elevate the lifestyle value of frenzied generations in the rush society today.

HALSER Premium Fine Tea is an innovative breakthrough of natural tea for health. This premium range sachets may be used in culinary dishes as well as applied externally aside the conventional brew, for an even more extensive health benefits.

What is Purifying Natural Tea?


HALSER Purifying consists of more than 12 types of unique herbs, amongst which includes Pu erh tea, selfheal (Prunella vulgaris), lotus leaf (Folium Nelumbinis), cassia sed (Semen Cassie), etc.

The pioneer of HALSER Premium Fine Tea aids in optimizing body metabolism and the detoxification process in our body, thereby enhancing natural beauty by discharging stools and toxic wastes as well as promoting weight loss through burning of stubborn excessive fat. Antioxidant elements in this tea promotes healthy blood pressure, glucose level and weight management with consistent intake over a period of time. Highly recommended for those suffering from constipation, or simply as well-being supplement drink.

Now available with 2 improved formulas:

inSHAPE | Detox & Slimming (read more here)

REJUVENATE | Detox & Energizing (read more here)

What is Soothing Natural Tea?

HALSER Soothing contains more than 25 types of unique herbs, such as Pu erh tea, Tibetan tea, Cordyceps, and several more.

This specially cultivated tea is meant to ease tension, neutralize the hormone system, and eliminate the internal body toxic which aids cultivation of positive mindset and lifestyle. Consistent intake of this product helps in natural detoxification, neutralization of body system, enhancing immune system, endocrine system and nerve system. This product is highly recommended for those with stressful and hectic lifestyle, dynamic brain utilization, hot tempers, mood swings, anxiety breakdowns, menstrual disorder as well as menopause syndromes.


Now available with 2 improved formulas:

RELAX | Calming & Cleansing (read more here)

RECHARGE | De-Stress & Quality Sleep (read more here)

What is Enhancing Natural Tea?

HALSER Enhancing contains more than 25 types of unique herbs, such as American ginseng, Tibetan Chrysanthemum, Panax Pseudoginseng, Cordyseps and more.

This signature tea of HALSER is a complete solution to enhancing one's well-being, neutralizing energy within the body, improving of immune system and metabolism as well as rejuvenating the body elements to the optimum state. Regular intake of this product aids in energy boosting, improving metabolism for optimized fat burning, cultivating a healthy lifestyle, enhancing memory, eliminating fatigue syndromes, better emotion management for greater health and enhanced lifestyle.

Now available with 2 improved formulas:

PROTECT | Vitamins & Antioxidants Boost (read more here)

ENHANCE+ | Immune system, Energy & Performance Boost (read more here)

More breaking news! You can add HALSER Premium Fine Tea to enrich your cuisine!

Simply add 2 sachets into the soup base and cook with other ingredients. It contains a variety of high quality herbs with valuable medicinal value which enhances inner beauty, boosts immune system as well as promoting anti-aging, while you enjoy your everyday dish!

BUT that is not all HALSER Premium Fine Tea is capable of!

Don’t let the soaked sachets go to waste. This product (used or unused) is also suitable for external usage. Insert 2 sachets into hot water as foot spa for general well-being nurturing. Sachet may be scrubbed on skin to promote cell regeneration for better complexion.

Hesitate no more for HALSER Premium Fine Tea, it is the TEA of this age, waiting to enrich lives for a happier and healthier society!


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