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Pu Erh tea, Rooibos tea, Chamomile tea, Peppermint tea


HALSER . Halcyon Seriation


HALSER Luxury impeccably illuminates the emblematic prestige of the millennia. Encompassed of the most elite echelons across industries and continents, our novelties and conceptions is a guaranteed amalgamation of unyielding diligence with unsurpassed brilliance. HALSER range of products therefore lives the engineered destiny to be second to none.

ENRICHED Lifestyle

Enhance your general well-being with our series of refreshingly scented floral infusions that are beneficial to boost the immune system, increase metabolism, promote natural detoxification, regulate healthy level of blood pressure and glucose, aid hormone imbalance, reduce unhealthy cholesterol as well as to optimize energy.

Also rich in antioxidants, these specially cultivated brews will ensure enhanced complexion with effective stimulation of collagen production that defies age and time. Our specially cultivated tea rejuvenates the body elements to the optimum state for an enriched lifestyle.

QUALITY Assurance

HALSER ingredients and production undergoes stringent quality evaluations and is assured to be exclusively of the utmost natural and credible sources. The Japanese food-grade tea sachets adopted ensures an unparalleled brewing experience that sees to full flavor and aroma release in perfection.



At HALSER, we endeavor for the elevation of human race in every way imaginable, and beyond.

Health, humanity, lifestyles and mother earth - just to name the least.

We inspire for enhanced solutions and finesse through the amazing chemistry of science and nature, the effort that is out to earn only the utmost of customer endorsements.



Ownership – We assume ownership in all our undertakings with great passion.

Noble – We launch and implement all projects with noble ingenuity.

Empowering – We empower to be the iconic nourishing super food and beverages of choice.



To be the dignitary of solutions expert in the realm of science and nature.