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2016 Best-Sellers

Signature Series


HALSER Caffeine-Free German Produce
The Natural Aroma of Wholesomeness!

HALSER German Produce (GP) series is our exclusive formulae of fruit and floral infusions engineered to benefit all ages. As is with our customary stringent selection of ingredients from the utmost natural and environmentally friendly credible sources, this series utilizes only the purest of caffeine-free German produce which are naturally dried for the best preservation of taste as well as health benefits and nutritional values.

GP series compliments everyday diet as an aromatic brew that supplements nourishment vital for the body system for general well-being. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, these infusions are essential to boost the immune system to ward off colds, cough and fever, promote natural detoxification for purging of toxic and wastes, as well as effectively stimulate the production of collagen for a smooth and supple complexion that defies age and time.

Pure & Natural Caffeine-Free German Produce; The Vitamins & Antioxidants Powerhouse!

Power Junior, Super Food, Healthy food for children
Halser, Power Junior, Super Food, Healthy food for children

Power Junior Super Food
Today's Essentials for Tomorrow's Credentials!

Are you having problems feeding your little ones the nutritional food 'best' for them? Have your celebration often been deflated promptly whenever you succeeded feeding few spoonful’s of greens and grains to your little bubs, only to have them almost immediately spat out and then have little interest in? Worrying about how much nutrients you actually managed to force down their throat all day long? Wondering if your bundle of love will grow up healthily?

Feeding problems are estimated to occur in up to 25% of normally developing children. One common definition of feeding problems is the inability or refusal to eat certain foods. Problems with feeding may lead to significant negative nutritional, developmental and psychological sequelae. Because the severity of these sequelae is related to the age at onset, degree and duration of the feeding problem, early recognition and management are important.

Hand-picked Quality Ingredients, 100% Natural Goodness!


A Dose of PJ a Day, Thrives a Champion All the Way!

Power Junior is a series of exclusively selected antioxidants super foods, which are generally small in size, yet immensely rich in nutritional values. Our menu is designed and tailored to help you and your little ones combat potential malnourishment which may stem from feeding complications. A dose of Power Junior a day, helps ensure developing children absorbs the optimized amount of nutritional values required for healthy growth rate, and most importantly with minimal fuss.

PJ week-long menu is personalized to ensure every aspects of growth of little ones are addressed specifically and adequately: from bones, to skin, from complete range of vitamins to Omega-3, from weight management to immune system, we’ve got all of them covered.

What’s best is we ensure minimum to no fuss (we think your little ones might be asking for more!) for PJ daily intake as our nutritionist methodically balance the vibrancy of colors and taste to the liking of young ones! Growing up healthily and happily has never been easier with Power Junior super food!

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Power Junior, Super Food, Healthy food for children
HALSER Luxury, Premium Fine Tea, Pu Erh tea, fusion tea
HALSER Luxury, Premium Fine Tea, Pu Erh tea, fusion tea, German tea

HALSER Premium Fine Tea
A Gift of Nature

Utilizing only the finest ingredients from nature, HALSER Premium Fine Tea is the result of unwavering research and development efforts towards discovering the most natural cures for everyday ailments. A unique East meets West infusion, only 100% pure and natural ingredients are used as an initiative to elevate the lifestyle value of frenzied generations in the rush society today.

HALSER Premium Fine Tea is an innovative breakthrough of natural tea for health. This premium range sachets may be used in culinary dishes as well as applied externally aside the conventional brew, for an even more extensive health benefits. 

HALSER Natural Tea for Health - enhancing your lifestyle!

Don’t let the soaked sachets go to waste. This product (used or unused) is also suitable for external usage. Insert 2 sachets into hot water as foot spa for general well-being nurturing. Sachet may be scrubbed on skin to promote cell regrowth for better complexion.

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Finest Selection of Ingredients, 100%  Pure & Natural Infusion!






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